Farmer Info

Dairy Infrastructure

Milking shed design is key to efficient sheep milking.



  • Popular all over the world and easily converted from cow dairy herringbone sheds
  • Rapid exit systems often used in NZ dairy goat industry are easily adapted
  • Choice between simple swing over or a parallel system (with a set of cups for every bale)

Rotary Sheds

  • The preferred choice of larger dairy sheep farms in France
  • Automatic cup removers allow 800+ ewes to be milked per hour with two milkers cupping
  • Internal rotary enables a clear view of all ewes and a short walking distance to any of them

Conversion Tips

If your farm has an existing concrete pit and associated infrastructure, then a herringbone set-up is a logical choice.

If you are building a new milking parlour then we recommend an internal rotary system because of capital cost and labour efficiency.

Where Do Barns Fit?

Selective use of barns can help you manage the health and welfare of your stock. For example, maximise lamb survival and provide protection from facial eczema, wet and cold, heat stress and sun exposure.


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