Te ika a Maui forms the legend from which Aotearoa came into the world. Through creativity, bravery and necessity, Maui forged a path for the generations that followed.

Here at Maui Milk we are passionate about combining the best of New Zealand’s knowledge and experience in sheep and dairy to develop a sheep milk industry that benefits our land, people and animals while developing globally relevant product options. We offer a strong and secure payout structure and established route to market while breeding the best sheep dairy ewes for New Zealand.

We will continue Maui’s traditions of bravery and creativity and, through long-term thinking, we will be true caretakers of the land while building a profitable, innovative, ambitious alternative for our New Zealand farmers and our global consumers.

Welcome to Maui.

Why Sheep Dairy with Maui Milk

Dairy Milk Profitability

Market leading and stable payout

Maui Milk provides certainty – with a market leading payout, paid monthly, and fixed for a three years in advance.

Secure future demand for product

Demand currently exceeds supply. This is driven by our relationship with Danone – a global leader in dairy nutrition.

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Access to Southern Cross Dairy Sheep Technologies ewes

Genetics is key to a succesful sheep dairy operation. Our Southern CrossTM ewes are bred specifically for the New Zealand environment and farm system.

Become A Supplier

We have demand exceeding supply and offer guaranteed 3-year payout contracts to our suppliers. We are looking for more innovative farmers to join our team, get in quick as we have a limited supply of dairy ewes for the 21/22 season!

Maui is committed to helping you create a profitable, stable and sustainable farming future.


Maui Sheep Milk is used to produce…

Karicare Sheep Milk Formula. This is manufactured by Danone using 100 per cent New Zealand sheep milk from Maui Sheep Milk. Available for sale at
www.mumstore.co.nz Sheep Milk is high in protein and a great gut-friendly option for sensitive toddlers.



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