Our Farms

Since 2015, we have made dramatic progress on both genetic improvement and farm system development.

We’ve focused on developing profitable, stable and sustainable farms to showcase to New Zealand farmers that dairy sheep farming is an industry worth investing in.

One of our showcase farms is all outdoors, while the other makes use of a hybrid system using both barns and outdoor grazing.

We’ve also developed our own breed of dairy sheep, Southern Cross™, to create a hardy dairy ewe suitable for New Zealand’s conditions.


Our Sheep

Maui Milk has over 5000 dairy sheep spread across two farms on the western shores of Lake Taupo.

Joint Venture

Maui Milk is a joint venture between Maui Food Group Ltd, a Shanghai-based marketing company, and the Waituhi Kuratau Trust.

Purpose Bred Sheep

Home base for the Southern Cross™ breed, a hybrid incorporating the world’s three leading dairy sheep breeds
Farm Showcase

Waikino Station

Waikino Station is a converted sheep and beef farm tucked on the fertile western edge of Lake Taupo. This showcase dairy sheep farm is home to over 2000 milking ewes and has a state-of-the-art internal rotary shed.
Farm Showcase

Waituhi Kuratau Trust

Waituhi Kuratau Trust is a pioneering sheep milk farm in New Zealand. Established in 2007, this dairy sheep operation is nestled in the rolling hills surrounding Lake Taupo and Lake Kuratau.

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