Showcase Farm

Waikino Station

Tucked on the fertile western shore of Lake Taupo, Waikino Station is funded by our Chinese joint venture partner and is a converted beef and sheep farm which is now home to 2000 milking ewes and a state-of-the-art internal rotary shed.

Hybrid System

The enterprise has capitalised on the knowledge gained from the Waituhi Kuratau Trust farm and has implemented a hybrid farming system. The farm utilises outdoor pastoral grazing system, however there are two barns that provide hygienic indoor lambing facilities to improve lamb survival rates.


Waikino's Facilities

This station’s facilities are built to optimise efficiency and enhance milk production.

The dairy shed was purpose built and is a 64 bale internal rotary imported from France which has electronic in-line milk meters, automatic cup removers and Reporoa backing gates. Our advanced electronic in-line milk meters enable us to measure the performance of every ewe at every milking so we can optimise performance.



Sustainability is important to our values and we are proud that the Nitrogen Discharge Allowance on our farms is calculated at levels typical of traditional drystock operations, but revenue is much higher. We use cattle sparingly and make the conscious choice not to farm some areas to potential to protect the environment.

Farm Showcase


Waituhi Kuratau Trust is a pioneering sheep milk farm in New Zealand. Established in 2007, this dairy sheep operation is nestled in the rolling hills surrounding Lake Taupo and Lake Kuratau.