Showcase Farm


Waituhi Kuratau Trust is a pioneering sheep milk farm in New Zealand which is nestled in the rolling hills surrounding Lake Taupo and Lake Kuratau.


Originally this farm was a traditional sheep and beef station, which has been converted to a sheep milk farm in 2007.  The farm is now home to 3000 ewes and the 80 bale external rotary has been adapted using dairy goat technology. It involves two entries and exits, so each ewe only does a half rotation. Milk let-down is quick and three minutes is all that is required. The system is effective in terms of throughput, but not as labour efficient as the new operation at Waikino.

We use an outdoor grazing system on the farm and there are no ewe barn facilities.

Farm Showcase

Waikino Station

Waikino Station is a converted sheep and beef farm tucked on the fertile western edge of Lake Taupo. This showcase dairy sheep farm is home to over 2000 milking ewes and has a state-of-the-art internal rotary shed.