Become A Supplier

The sheep milk industry is no longer a novelty and sheep milk demand is strong. We now have supply contracts available, along with everything a farmer needs to get started.

Maui Milk has a total of 5,000 dairy ewes on two farms. Dramatic progress has been made on both genetic improvement and farm system development but we need more milk and are happy help new conversions get established.

We’ll walk you through farm conversions, infrastructure needs, dairy payout, dairy sheep nutrition and much more.



Stable payouts and multi-year contracts.


With the right genetics and farm system sheep milk is a high value and profitable product.


Environmentally friendly farming that has lower levels of nitrogen leaching.

Happy Animals

All lambs from our ewes are hand raised. Animal welfare is a high priority.


Sheep milk provides more protein, iron & other nutrients than goat or cow’s milk.

Gut Friendly

Sheep milk is easy to digest and is gentle on the stomach.

Join Us For Our Open Day

Are you ready for a change? Then come and join us at our Open Day on the 21 November 2018 and learn more about Maui Milk’s sustainable dairy sheep programmes.


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